PACE stands for Partners
in Action for Change and

PACE, or GOPA Partners in Action for Change and Engagement, is rooted in our unwavering belief in the power of partnerships. We thrive on forging connections with people and communities, using them as the springboard to enact positive and lasting change.


Driving transparency and trust for better governance.

Advocating for fairness, equality and accountability.

Securing communities and fostering peace within.

Igniting economic growth through innovation and investment.

Guiding sustainable progress, one goal at a time.

Connecting, inspiring, and amplifying positive impact.

General News
02 November 2023
B&S Europe Rebrands to GOPA PACE: GOPA Partners in Action for Change and Engagement
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Peace & Security News
31 May 2024
GOPA PACE announces new worldwide disaster risk management project: P106
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Governance News
15 May 2024
SUPRAE secures 12-month extension to enhance North Macedonia's EU integration
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Outreach News
12 May 2024
Europe Day celebrated: Strengthening EU-Türkiye ties amidst shared values and heritage
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