SDGs are at the core of our business competence skills.

At PACE, our daily mission revolves around collaborating closely with our partners to address their commitments towards the Global Challenges. We firmly believe that our role extends beyond simply providing services through the programmes and projects we implement, and that we have the responsibility to do better as an organisation, an employer and as a partner.

‘By embracing sustainability, we foster innovation, long-term resilience and positive social impact.’

Our contributions to the five pillars of the Agenda 2030 are integrated into our corporate strategy and our teams initiatives are encouraged and supported through specific initiatives and permanent services like our Social Project or the Carbon neutrality initiatives.



  • We actively engage in climate action
  • We reduce our carbon footprint
  • We promote renewable energy sources


  • We increase job satisfaction and support employment of youth


  • We enhance employees’ well-being
  • We promote SDG knowledge and commitment
  • We foster inclusion


  • We tackle corruption and secure transparent governance


  • We foster knowledge acquisition and sharing about global challenges with our partners

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental responsibility is essential for safeguarding the planet, mitigating climate change, protecting biodiversity, ensuring human health, and promoting economic and social well-being.

To demonstrate our commitment, we have are constantly taking steps towards reaching and maintaining carbon neutrality.

In 2021, the CO2 emission of our Brussels office and Brussels-based staff accounted for 131 tones CO2e. We have compensated these emissions through carbon offsetting, buying carbon credits to support climate projects.

Our staff selected an Agroforestry project in Kenya to promote and implement a package of sustainable agricultural land management (SALM) practices within smallholder farming systems in western Kenya.

This compensation and our reduction strategy to commit to Agenda 2030 targets brought us, in 2022, the CO2 Neutrality Label granted by CO2logic for 2021.

Social Project

The GOPA PACE Annual Social Project initiated in 2019 and reflects our deep commitment to infuse our business with a broader social purpose, channeling resources where they can make the most meaningful impact. This initiative is driven by dedicated employees who take the lead in conceiving and executing projects that benefit specific communities, often with ties to countries where our operations are established. The projects typically span over six months and are funded through a combination of company annual profit and voluntary contributions from in-house staff, with a minimum budget allocation of €20,000.

Each year, our management board selects a thematic focus for the project, setting the direction for the initiative. The applicants craft a comprehensive concept note that encompasses both the technical and financial aspects of the project. An evaluation committee employs predefined criteria to determine the most suitable project for implementation. While collaborations with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) or other institutions are encouraged, our approach emphasizes that these projects should transcend simple donations. Instead, active involvement of colleagues in funding, managing and implementing project activities is expected. Over the past years, we take immense pride in having successfully executed impactful social projects in Guinea, North Macedonia, Romania, and Congo, all of which were meticulously managed and driven by our passionate colleagues.


2019 - GUINEA

Support of the orphans of Coleah, Guinea

BUDGET : 20.000€

2019 - Democratic Republic of Congo

Assistance to Victims of Conflict related Sexual Violence in Eastern DRC

BUDGET : 25.000€

2020 - North Macedonia

Support Facility to Mitigate the Economic and Psychological Impact of Covid-19

BUDGET : 25.000€

2022 - Romania

Integration of migrants in Romanian society

BUDGET : 31.000€

2023 - North Macedonia

Facility support to protect children with dissabilities in North Macedonia

BUDGET : 40.000€


Our teams actively engage in sustainability initiatives, whether by participating in hike trails to promote outdoor conservation, planting trees to combat deforestation, or extending humanitarian assistance to Ukraine during times of crisis. Through these actions, we demonstrate our commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

  • In 2019, we participated in the Oxfam Trailwalker in the Ardennes, Belgium, a unique team challenge to walk 100 km within 30 hours, aiming to put an end to injustice and poverty by fundraising funds for Oxfam.
  • In 2021, to celebrate our company’s 30th anniversary, we created an internal competition – “A Challenge for Change” under the hastag #30430challenge – which invited staff to undertake outdoor activities and share them with the team by logging them into a specially designed application. For each activity, PACE planted trees, contributing to the reforestation projects of the Jane Goodall Institute in Senegal. At the end of 30 days, our deadline, we were able to plant 1000 trees thanks to over 800 activities.
  • In 2022, with the help of GOPA PACE, the Young European Ambassadors (YEAs) from Moldova managed to send to Chernihiv, Ukraine a humanitarian batch that included not only medicines, but also power banks for mobile phones and two electricity generators.

The Young European Ambassadors (YEAs) initiative is a non-political, voluntary, vibrant communication network connecting and building bridges of friendship among young people from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and the EU Member States and the United Kingdom.

The aim of the network is to raise awareness about the EU’s cooperation with its Eastern partner countries, showcase the tangible results of this cooperation, contribute to policy dialogue on various topics, help increase civic activism and work together for a better future. The YEAs initiative is managed by the EU Regional Communication Programme for the Eastern Neighbourhood ('EU NEIGHBOURS east'), implemented by a consortium led by GOPA PACE.


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