Securing communities and fostering peace within.

Peace and security are indispensable for human life and communities. They ensure safety, enabling access to education, healthcare, and economic opportunities. They foster social cohesion, protect human rights, and provide a foundation for conflict resolution and global stability. Ultimately, they enhance the quality of life and uphold human dignity.

At PACE, or GOPA Partners in Action for Change and Engagement, we understand that sustainable peace and prosperity thrive when various aspects of human life occur within a secure environment. This is why our Peace & Security Concept is multifaceted, addressing the diverse dimensions of safety and well-being.

PACE has collaborated closely with government authorities and law enforcement agencies to enhance citizen protection and security. Our commitment extends to empowering citizens, ensuring their safety while engaging in societal governance. We've diligently strengthened the capabilities of civil society actors, adhering to the principles of empowerment and fostering robust civil society ecosystems.

The preservation and safeguarding of Cultural Heritage play a crucial role in promoting and sustaining peace. Disruptions to Cultural Heritage frequently result in cultural shocks and conflicts. To advance peace, we develop and implement Cultural Heritage projects in crisis-afflicted countries and across Europe, harnessing the power of cultural resources.

Aware of the global challenges and threats of our present times, our Department also works on preparedness, prevention and reaction to natural and men made disasters. Our work has significantly contributed to prevent and ameliorate responses of key institutions, for examples by providing technical assistance to Centers of Excellence dealing with Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Risks (CBRN).

A further important segment marking our world today is Migration and Forced Displacement. We dispose of in-house expertise and that crucial area and supports several European donors (DG INTPA, ENABEL) in the development and evaluation their migration related programming.

In a world filled with challenges, we believe in the power of unity and collaboration. Together, we can build a more peaceful future for all. At PACE, we're committed to forging partnerships that transcend boundaries, religions, and cultures. We work hand in hand with individuals, communities, and organisations to create a world where peace prevails.

Our Strengths

  • A vast network of worldwide experts with a focus on the MENA, Western Balkans, Africa and South East Asia
  • Partnership through understanding, tailored and needs-based approach

Approach to partnerships

We are committed to fruitful public-private partnerships and alliances that make a lasting impact on partners. We are flexible and reactive to adapt to partners’ and governments’ needs by conceiving projects ideas in the framework of direct agreements (e.g. in Libya)

Our teams

  • Outstanding project management and interpersonal skills
  • In-depth geopolitical and client’s and donors requirements and needs understanding
  • Senior in-house expertise with experience as former staff of the EC, UN, GIZ
  • Proven field expertise and decentralised presence (Libya, Lebanon, Balkans)

Priority regions

  • Middle East and North Africa (Libya Office and Staff Presence in Lebanon)
  • Northern Cyprus (Civil Society Support)
  • Western Balkans (Kosovo Office)
  • South East Asia (CBRN)
  • EU (Cultural Heritage)

Projects implemented based on Direct Agreements

PACE opened an office in Libya in 2019 and, as of 2023, is executing three (3) projects in the field of Security Sector Reform. Further projects in the fields of Cultural Heritage and Border Management are in the process of development. Thanks to our presence in the country, closeness to the governmental partners and readiness to act on demand, we have been able to be awarded several projects through direct negotiations with the EU in Libya.

Execution of Grants for projects on Cultural Heritage

PACE collaborates and supports actively the Carabinieri Comando for the Protection of Cultural Heritage and Dutch Art Crime unit on EU-funded projects that aim to increase capacities of LEAs and inter-agency coordination to fight the illicit trafficking of cultural property, in the EU and in Lebanon.

With the support to the European Heritage Label, PACE works directly with EU stakeholders (DG EAC and EACEA) as well as Member States (Ministries of Culture) and cultural organisations/institutions (EHL Sites) in order to create awareness of the EHL initiative and promote our common heritage.

Key topics

Security Sector Reform

PACE has implemented several projects contributing to improve SSR in different regions around the world. In Georgia, PACE has provided support to the Georgian parliament in the oversight of the SSR with activities that spanned from the mapping of gender roles in the reform to contributing directly to the writing of the parliament’s new Rules of Procedure.

In addition, PACE has provided technical assistance to Guinea in the Reform of the Security Sector Programme (PARSS) aimed at creating and sustaining a pacified social, economic and political environment. In Libya, we work with several authorities to guarantee a peaceful environment and strengthen the State’s institutions security oversight, providing support to build new checkpoints, overall capacity building in many different topics, geopolitical analysis and mediation between parties.

Key topics

Cultural Heritage

PACE has been working to protect and promote Cultural Heritage and cultural goods around the world, with a focus on fighting the illicit trafficking of cultural goods. With a long-lasting partnership with the Carabinieri for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, PACE projects have been contributing to increase the capacities of partner Law Enforcement Agencies, within and outside the EU. Contributing to increase technical and professional capacities, our work ensures prevention of looting in cultural heritage sites and an effective implementation of EU Directives and Regulations on the free movement of cultural goods. Our support increases skills on investigating cases of trafficking of cultural gods, as well as provides law enforcement agencies faster traceability of goods with the use of state of the art technological tools. Additionally, PACE has been working to increase the coordination and visibility of the European Heritage Label and EU values, while contributing with operational support focused on the adoption and implementation of appropriate and inclusive culture policies, systems and practices in line with EU policies and guidelines.

Key topics

Civil Society Support

At PACE, supporting civil society is a crucial step towards a better tomorrow. We have been implementing technical assistance projects to support civil society actors in achieving good governance standards, through direct support, disseminating knowledge, good practices and standards, as well producing and implementing capacity development programmes.

We have been working very successfully since over ten years in the Northern Part of Cyprus and have accompanies the elaboration of a Civic Space, an enabling environment promoting civil engagement by hands on advise and a grant mechanism, allowing civil society organisations to make first and more advanced experiences in activities developed based on their needs.

Key topics

Disaster Risk Management (CBRN focus)

PACE has provided Technical Assistance projects aimed at strengthening the capabilities and capacities of police forces, first responders and state authorities through capacity development actions, steering inter-agency coordination and knowledge sharing. Furthermore, our projects have contributed to the strengthening of the rule of law in the field through legislative harmonisation and alignment with international legal frameworks in partner countries such as in Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan) or South East Asia (Laos PDR and Philippines).

As part of its approach, PACE worked in Lebanon on CBRN Risks mitigation increasing the resilience and preparedness of the Lebanese first responders (military, Civil Defence, Fire Brigade) to disasters, by conducting large-scale inter-agency exercises, guiding the development of Standard Operating Procedures and delivering equipment.

Key topics

Migration and Displacement

PACE supports DG INTPA as well as ENABEL in the field of Migration and Displacement, through participation the Intervention Cycle Management.

This is for examples taking place via Framework Contracts that are managed by our Framework Contract Department and implemented by In-house migration experts of Peace & Security Unit. Migration & Displacement also plays an important role in the context of protection of vulnerable person groups, as refugees, internally displaced persons (IDPs) and Victims of Trafficking (VoT).

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